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Interactive Product Spotlights

Unlike traditional press releases, IPSs are unique and interactive. They fuse the creative and storytelling aspects of advertising with comprehensive product information and multimedia, including video.

Noritz IPS Faro IPS PSolar Useage Now IPS Bio-Springer IPS Topo Lift IPS Empire State Building IPS

How It Works

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  • // Product description
  • // Technical Specs
  • // Marketing Collateral
  • // Photos and Videos
  • // Testimonials
  • // Case Studies
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// We'll design your IPS and host it on a dedicated link for one year. Choose to embed it on your website or Facebook page.

// We’ll track quantitative analytics and can keep you updated with regular reporting.

// You can make basic changes to your IPS throughout the course of the program.

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// A co-branded email deployment will be sent on behalf of the BNP Media brand of your choosing.

// The email will promote your Interactive Product Spotlight.

// We’ll provide you with lead information of recipients who click your Interactive Product Spotlight.