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Examples of Content

OrangeTap Content Descriptions


Case Study – A detailed account of a company, industry, person, or project over a given amount of time and is generally 1-2 pages long. Case studies serve an effective purpose for telling successful problem/solution brand and product stories.

Feature Article – Written to entertain and inform the reader. Feature articles are intended to serve readers with the writer's interpretation of a story, unlike news stories, which simply provide the facts. Feature articles appear in several different forms and vary in length.

“How-To” Article – Instructional in nature, they quickly advise a reader on how to accomplish a specific task or goal.

Press Release – A written statement to the news media that is used to increase sales, create exposure and enhance the image of the product or service. A press release must be of interest to the target audience, a strong news angle and written in a journalistic style.


Demonstration – A visual presentation showing how a product or service functions. A demonstration introduces customers to a product in order to procure a sale.

Interview – A conversation between two people where questions are asked to obtain specific information. Interviews can last from 5 minutes to over an hour.

Presentation – Can be written, oral or visual. They can entertain, inform, and excite an audience with the proper integration of text and images. This leaves an audience with a positive impression of the presenter and his or her product, service or proposal.

Roundtable – An informal discussion among several participants about industry specific issues and/or business processes.


Blog Post – An entry to a blog site that is generally 100-750 words long. Posts can be reflections or comments, and often link to other references. A mix of short, medium and long posts will keep readers engaged.

eBook – An online version of a book that is typically 12-40 pages in length. eBooks provide an in-depth look into a specific topic. They also contain live links to websites and audio/visual material.

Podcast – A training or educational program made available in an audio-only, digital format and posted for listening or downloading online. Programs are typically 30 to 90 minutes in length.

Social Media Post – Posting content to Facebook and Twitter allows users to share thoughts, ideas, articles and information to all of their friends/followers. Generally short and concise, social media posts generate a high level of user interaction and engagement.

Testimonial – A customer statement of satisfaction with a product or service. Good testimonials are very specific and can be very compelling if supported by audio or video.

Video Script – A short and concise message used in a video that creates a connection with the viewer. A script for an effective 60-second marketing video should deliver all important information within 145 words.