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Media Formats


Blog Site – A web site that contains brief segments of content called “posts”. A blog typically focuses on a specific theme or audience. Posts can be reflections or comments and often link to other references.

eBook – Usually 12-40 pages or longer. It can be composed in or converted to a digital format to improve readability. The content informs on a specific topic.

eNewsletter – A small publication comprised of news items and articles for a specific audience, created in a text or html format and sent out weekly or monthly. Permission from the contact should be received before sending.

Mobile Application – Programmed software for mobile devices such as iphone, ipad, Blackberry and Androids. These are commonly known as “apps” and give users a specific tool to meet personal or business needs.

Podcast – A training or educational program made available in an audio-only, digital format and posted for listening or downloading online. Programs are typically 30 to 90 minutes long.

Social Media Brand Page – A Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page that represents the face of a company or brand. The page is the center for interactive communication between a company and its customers with content, in the form of posts, being provided by both the company and the reader.

Video – Animated or live-action footage used to capture an audience’s attention and convey information. Videos can tell a story, introduce a new product /service or be educational.

Webinar – Short for web seminar: a live or prerecorded online educational presentation with slides and audio. Typically 30 to 90 minutes long and can have a single or multiple presenters. Viewers can comment and ask questions during or after the presentation through web chats.


Book – Hardbound or softbound, it presents extensive information on a specific topic. Content is compiled or written by one or more authors.

Custom Magazine – A print or digital magazine created for a specific industry or audience and contains news, trends and editorial pieces. Published 2 to 12 times a year and is often used to educate and engage a customer base.

Infographic – Presents information graphically. This can be through a chart, a graph or an icon. Conveys information in a visually appealing way and represents relationships between different pieces of information.

Magazine Supplement – A printed insert in a magazine. Normally 10-50 pages long, and added to the magazine 1 to 12 times a year. Can be used to highlight a special topic or event.

Newsletter – A 1-3 page printed letter, mailed out regularly to provide company updates, news or product launches. Formatted with both text and images, it can have one or more contributors.

Whitepaper – A detailed and authoritative research report on a technical topic that is usually 8-12 pages long. Whitepapers also persuade customers to use a product or service.