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Modern Deli

“We hope [our customers] profit from this information as well as the other interesting stories we have prepared.” Guenther Weber, Founder and CEO, Weber Machinenbrau, GmbH

Modern DeliWelcome to Modern Deli - a custom publication created by orangetap with content developed by Weber. Modern Deli provides informational deli solutions for processors, retailers and food service operators. This customer service forecasts the business needs of Weber’s customers and creates a platform to exclusively showcase Weber’s advertising.

Orangetap has published Modern Deli twice annually or over four years, featuring best social media business practices, industry leaders and innovations like Tofurkey, while navigating through regulations and consumer trends.

Website: Modern Deli

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Modern Deli Vol:7 Issue:2Modern Deli Vol:7 Issue:2 Modern Deli Vol:7 Issue:2 Modern Deli Spring 2012 Modern Deli Fall 2011