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Custom Magazines:

A print or digital magazine created for a specific industry or audience and contains news, trends and editorial pieces. Published 2 to 12 times a year and is often
used to educate and engage a customer base.

Oculus Digital Magazine Building Stone Magazine Today's Boiler Magazine Flooring Contactor

Custom eNewsletters:

A brief digital publication comprised of news items and articles for a specific audience, created in a text or html format and sent out weekly or monthly. Permission
from the recipient should be received before sending.

Cambridge eNewsletter All eNewsletter Avery eNewsletter Epicor eNewsletter Faro eNewsletter IKO eNewsletter


Usually 12-40 pages or longer. They can be composed in or converted to a digital format to improve readability. The content informs readers on a specific topic. Both Single-Sponsor and Multi-Sponsor options available.

Universal Robots eBook Gordian eBook ISHN eBook Readymark eBook


Books: Hardbound or softbound, they present extensive information on a specific topic. Content is compiled or written by one or more authors

Heyl & Patterson Get It Clean

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For any other type of content that you don’t see listed on this page, please email or call Melanie Kuchma with questions.